Correction of Dents after Liposuction

A patient is interested in dent correction after liposuction:

I’ve had a liposuction in Munich 15 years ago with the result that unattractive dents have developed on my thighs. I would like to hear your opinion if there is any possibility to correct the damage.

Fortunately yes: The correction of dents as unpleasant consequence of liposuctions performed elsewhere is namely one of our focuses of activity. Owing to an especially tissue-conserving method very good results can be achieved in most cases. For this much patience and skillfulness are requested on the surgeon’s part. To compensate dents and bumps, so that the skin texture can get smooth again, a liposuction with microcannulas (liposculpture) should be done in combination with fat injection (lipofilling).

In particular because dents have occurred due to former liposuctions, the repeated liposuction, which is required for the correction has to be done especially gently. Thus in our clinic we only work under manually in local anesthesia, without invasive suction engines, and only under the usage of particularly thin microcannulas. These microcannulas with a diameter of about 1 to 2.5 millimeters are considerably thinner compared to regular cannulas. They enable a very precise and tissue-conserving shaping of the body silhouette, which is essential in correction treatments. Owing to the waive of a general anesthesia there is another practical advantage: The liposuction can take place while sitting, lying, as well as standing, so the body form will later look good in every position.

Immediately after finishing the liposuction the obtained body fat is injected into body regions where it is necessary for correction of the skin level. Fat can therefore be used either without pretreatment (so-called standard fat transfer, lipofilling) or autologous fat gets enriched with autologous stem cells prior to the injection (cell-assistend lipotransfer, CAL). As a result dents are compensated with harvested body fat and a smooth silhouette is recreated.

Depending on the extent of the dents one to two procedures are required, which take place on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. One procedure lasts 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size of regions to treat. As part of the aftercare we commonly recommend to wear compression clothes for a week. As a general rule office work can be done already one to two days after the treatment.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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