Chin Lift without Plastic Surgery?

A patient asks us regarding a chin lift:

I would like to lift my chin only, but without plastic surgery. How can this be done?

A chin lift without scalpel can often be performed using liposuction, a fat-away injection (injection lipolysis), or a stem cell lifting. All three methods are non-invasive gentle alternatives to surgeries with the scalpel and give scar-free results.

Shaping Fat Deposits on the Chin

Liposuction with microcannulas on the chin allows for a particularly precise suctioning and shaping of the fat deposits. The result achieved by this approach comes especially close to the patient’s wishes.

In contrast to common regular liposuction cannulas microcannulas with their small diameter only cause very tiny injection sites, which are not visible to the naked eye after the end of the healing process. This outpatient procedure takes 30 minutes to 2 hours and is only carried out under local anesthesia. The skin above the removed fat deposits is shrinking subsequently and is thereby tightened.

If only very small local fat deposits in the facial area should be combated, treatment with fat-away injection (injection lipolysis) is recommended. During fat-away injection a natural fat-dissolving substance is injected into the desired area. If you want to find out to what extent a fat-away injection shows its effect, kindly arrange an individual consultation.

At the beginning of a stem cell lifting it is necessary to undergo a gentle liposuction with microcannulas. Precious stem cells are extracted from a small portion of the patient’s fat and afterwards injected into the desired facial area – in this case into the chin or the region around the neck. Inside the treated subcutaneous tissue the stem cells take their rejuvenating effect by stimulating the cell regeneration. The stem cells also improve the tissue’s elasticity and firmness.

All these treatments are particularly gentle because they are carried out under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. Additionally the treatments do not leave scars that may be visible to the naked eye because we do not use a scalpel in any case.

In our clinic we preferably offer minimally invasive procedures for gentle optimization of various body regions. Which treatments are most suitable in your individual case in order to obtain an optimal result can be evaluated in a personal consultation or via Skype. We are gladly at your disposal for arranging an appointment.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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